Deaf Dad

The Deaf Dad column is written by Charlie Swinbourne, who is a part-time stay-at-home dad, as well as the Editor of Limping Chicken.

The joy of camping – and the Sign Circle deaf camping festival!
2nd August 2013

Becoming a name hunter, to help my daughter settle in at her new nursery
11th April 2013

Why fathers should read with their children &
10 great books to read with your kids
14th March 2013

The importance of knowing where your child’s favourite cuddly toy is
22nd February 2013

My 10 most embarrassing dad moments
4th January 2013

Settling in oop north, and watching our kids change
12th October 2012

50/50 theory
6th July 2012

The digital world vs the real world
21st June 2012

When my kids surprised (and outwitted) me
13th June 2012

Moving on
18th May 2012

What changes when a baby arrives?
3rd May 2012

The ill day
20th April 2012

Discovering vinyl music with my daughter
29th March 2012

Our ‘deaf’ baby is becoming ‘hearing’
22nd March 2012

Flindy Dondy and Tinky Tonky
14th March 2012

Deaf fathers need equal access to pregnancy information
8th March 2012

Finding the monkey
29th February 2012

The First Day
22nd February 2012


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