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Linda Richards: 10 things I wish care homes would do for people who have hearing and sight loss

April 25, 2014


The annual Great British Care Home Awards finals are due to be held in London on 26th April 2014. The awards recognise the hard work and provision made by those who care for our elder folk. There are other awards ceremonies of similar nature but just how many of these homes really know how to […]

Deaf News: Medical trial set to use gene therapy to trigger natural hearing in deaf people

April 24, 2014


An article in New Scientist (which you can read here) has told of how a group of 45 profoundly deaf people will receive gene therapy which could trigger some growth in their natural hearing. The treatment, which has already been successful trialled on mice, involves the injection of a “harmless” virus into the ear. Extract: […]

Deaf News: Researchers find that regional variations of BSL are in decline

April 24, 2014


British Sign Language is a rich, naturally evolving language, where the signs you use can vary according to where you live and where you went to school. Just like in English, where you may call a bread roll a ‘bap’, ‘barm’ or ‘cob’, partly depending on where you grew up, the vocabulary of BSL can […]

Nick Sturley: The government should consider a radical overhaul of the Deaf education system

April 23, 2014


A recent survey, conducted by City University, London, has concluded that the education system is failing Deaf children in the UK. This survey claims that more than half of oral–deaf children struggle with their reading skills, as do hearing children with dyslexia. The latter often receive adequate support at school while a majority of the […]

Annelies Kusters: Preparing to investigate the use of gesture between deaf and hearing people in Mumbai

April 22, 2014


In India, there is a large number of conventional gestures that practically everybody knows, such as “water,” “toilet,” “how much does it cost,” etc. We are investigating what happens when hearing people encounter deaf people who primarily use Indian Sign Language, and how both use gesture (and elements of speech and writing) to communicate. When […]

Emily Howlett: I’ve had enough of competitive parenting

April 22, 2014


Kids, eh? They certainly get under your skin. How many new parents turn to the Internet to blog and tweet and otherwise explode across social media with a sudden joy they just can’t contain? How many of us simply have to share the incomparable awesomeness of these little humans we have discovered? Before the world […]

Tamsin Coates: Whatever equipment a deaf child uses, they are still deaf

April 15, 2014


‘Is there any such thing as a deaf child anymore?’ This was a question I recently overhead, spoken by an education professional who works with children who are deaf/have a hearing loss. To put their question in context the lady was relating it to the different types of technology now available which deaf children can […]