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“She was sassy.” Donna Williams: My review of Dr Who: Under the Lake

October 13, 2015


As a deaf whovian, I’ve sometimes wondered how the TARDIS would translate in sign language. Would there be words floating in the air, a ghostly voiceover, a PADD link-up with the TARDIS? A hologram interpreter, a setting on the sonic sunglasses, the Doctor suddenly breaking out in fluent sign language to the bemusement of his […]

Martin McLean: Help us protect the future for Deaf students

August 28, 2015


I risk being accused of bragging here, but in my lifetime I have managed to complete not one but three degrees – a BSc, a PGCE and an MA. I could not have completed any of them without Disabled Student Allowances (DSAs). This is government funding that disabled students can apply for to pay for […]

Bianca Birdsey: How sign language helped my girls think, reason and express themselves

August 12, 2015


Language. Think about that word. What are other thoughts that automatically pin themselves to this collection of letters that give it any meaning to you? As you ponder for a few minutes…that mind map of little clouds and arrows grows and expands – what fills those little thought clouds? “Words”, “English”, “Speech”? How about “A […]

Tom Staniford: What it’s like to use my ReSound LiNX hearing aids with my Apple Watch

July 28, 2015


  I have been fortunate to own both the original ReSound LiNX hearing aids and now also the updated LiNX2 aids, which featured a number of significant innovations. What really caught my interest, though, was the news that GN ReSound had updated their Smart App for iPhone to take advantage of the new Apple Watch. […]

Herbert Klein: Memorial lecture in honour of Dr Nick Kitson, who transformed Deaf mental health services

July 23, 2015


I am here to give a talk in memory of a great man – Nick Kitson. In 1984, Dr Nick Kitson started working with Deaf people as a Consultant Psychiatrist at Springfield Hospital. He had no prior knowledge of Deaf people and/or services and only encountered this upon commencement of his job. He studied Deaf services, sign language, culture […]

Molly Watt: Let Me Be a Part

July 17, 2015


In a lot of my talks I often mention how grateful I am to have great family and friends. I could not imagine myself as a person without either, I really cannot. As I grew up I was very close to my parents and am lucky to have been well socialised. I have some amazing […]

Robin Wickes: Have your say…. and influence research into deafness

July 16, 2015


Some months ago I posted an article asking people to do an online survey which invited them to ask any questions about mild and moderate deafness to which they’d like to know the answers. A follow-on survey has now been launched which aims to rank these questions by importance. The surveys are part of a project being […]