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Jen Dodds: How pushing my daughter on the swings in the park enhances Deaf visibility! (BSL)

June 24, 2015


Hello! I’d like to talk about hearing people; not family and friend-type hearing people, but hearing people who I don’t actually know. To see Jen’s article in BSL, click play below, or scroll down for English! Since I’ve had children, I seem to meet and spend more time with random hearing people; lots of them. […]

Molly Watt: My ears, my eyes, my Apple Watch

June 19, 2015


My whole life has always evolved around technology, starting with analogue hearing aids at 18 months in order to access sound. I cannot imagine life without hearing aids, I’ve had them forever.  School was full of speech therapy, small group work and one to one with my teaching assistant, not forgetting my trusty radio aid […]

Deaf News: Hearing experts in America say deaf children should be bilingual and learn sign language

June 17, 2015


Hearing experts in the US, writing in a journal called Pediatrics, have said that deaf children should be bilingual, and that “the benefits of learning sign language clearly outweigh the risks” for deaf children, even if they are given a cochlear implant. For years many (but not all) hearing specialists have advised that learning sign […]

Deaf News: NDCS says new Special Educational Needs system could leave Deaf children without vital support

June 13, 2015


New Government figures have raised fresh concerns that changes to the system of guaranteed help for children with special educational needs is leading to a reduction in support, the National Deaf Children’s Society says. This is despite reassurances given by Government Ministers that the recent reforms would not make it more difficult for children to […]

Sarah Ivermee: Why I started Lugs – so that deaf children can decorate their hearing aids and cochlear implants

June 11, 2015


At 3 months old our first child Freddie, was diagnosed as profoundly deaf in his right ear and moderately to severely deaf in his left ear caused by CMV (cytomegalovirus) during my pregnancy. Soon after diagnosis he was given his first hearing aid, a small beige coloured device with a clear mould.  Not the best […]

Rebecca-Anne Withey: How mindfulness helped me when I became a mum

June 1, 2015


Once upon a time, back in the day, loooong before I became a Mum, practising mindfulness was just like practising another hobby. I had lots of time to fit it in and freedom of choice as to when and where I did it. I recall long slow mornings that followed a predictable routine; mindful yoga […]

John Owens: Things that happen to you when you’re an oral deaf person

May 29, 2015


Here are some things that happen to you when you’re an oral deaf person out in the hearing world. Whispering Sweet Nothings There have been many times I had people talking to my hearing aids directly when the surroundings were too noisy, such as in a pub. Because of my speech, people forget I cannot hear very […]