Announcing: Limping Chicken’s new Editor-at-large, Andy Palmer!

Posted on March 19, 2013

Just a few weeks ago, we announced our brand-new Contributing Editors. Today, we’re pleased to announce the arrival of another new member of the team, Andy Palmer, who is joining up as our Editor-at-large!

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We know what you’re thinking. What is an Editor-at-large?

Will Andy spend his time doing this?

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Well, we’re sure he’ll be larging it some of the time, but according to that dependable source of online information, Wikipedia, an Editor-at-large is:

An editor-at-large is a journalist who contributes content to a publication.

Unlike an editor who works on a publication from day-to-day and is hands on, an editor-at-large will contribute content on a regular or semi-regular basis.

“At large” means the editor has no specific assignments, but rather works on whatever interests them.

The term was coined by Glenn O’Brien in the 1970s while at High Times magazine. He was allegedly in the actual offices so little that other employees regarded him “at large” – in reference to old Western “Wanted” posters.

More about Andy: he’s the son of Deaf parents, and the father of a Deaf son.

We once interviewed him about his work running the Peterborough Deaf Children’s Society website, which got him spotted by the Chicken. He also runs events and football coaching for them, drawing on his former life as a football reporter. He also works for a hearing loss charity.

We hope you’ll all join us in wishing him a warm welcome to this site – and do look out for his next article, on subtitles access, tomorrow morning!

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