Big Brother Update: Sam talks about what it’s like to be deaf (days 39, 40 & 41)

Posted on July 25, 2013

Day 39, Sunday 21st July

The day started with Sophie trying to wake Sam (who has just been nominated for eviction) up in the safe house! It took a few attempts until she simply shook him!

Big Brother informed Sophie and Sam that they would be choosing another housemate to join them in the safe house and thus receive immunity from the eviction. Of course they are still unaware that Big Brother is lying to them and that in fact they will be choosing another housemate to go up for eviction.

They would be given the opportunity to have control of the diary room and to ask housemates questions. Big Brother would then reveal the answers to them in order for Sam and Sophie to make their decision.
The rest of the housemates try to cheer themselves up by playing limbo.

Meanwhile as Big Brother commences questioning some of the housemates, they become suspicious especially as they have not yet nominated.

The final segment of the highlight show was live featuring Sam and Sophie choosing Dan to join them in the safe house and thus be immune from eviction. The remaining housemates were told that they are all up for the public vote (which is of course a lie!).

Day 40, Monday 22nd July

Amongst the ongoing tensions between Gina and Charlie, Callum is given the task of becoming the Therapist for the House.

Sam has a heart to heart during his session as he reveals a little of his true feelings.


Callum asks if Sam feels the housemates are understanding of his hearing difficulties to which Sam replies that no one understands.

“I do tell people of my hearing problems and I don’t expect them to go out of their way to help me. I can get involved myself, but sometimes when I do get involved the subject changes and I cant keep up. So many people are talking so sometimes there is no point for me.” You can see Sam getting frustrated.

Callum tells him he is a cheeky chappie and he needs to continue being himself. After Sam leaves his therapy session it is obvious it has impacted on Callum and he struggles to contain his emotions.

This was an interesting revelation for Sam as it confirms that he has been struggling to follow group conversations (which is common for deaf people) and perhaps feels they could be a bit more understanding. Interestingly, it is Callum he talked to – who I have always felt is looking out for Sam and ensuring he is kept in the loop.

Day 41, Tuesday 23rd July

The day opens with an introduction of a new gameshow called The Right Answer, and the housemates have a series of questions and activities throughout the day.


They made a fuss of Sam sleeping though the wake up call, but of course he didn’t have his hearing aids at that point!

During the grunge task, housemates have to guess which housemate the public allocated certain opinions to. The housemate that they thought the public voted for as the sweetest one was Sam.

They were in fact wrong (it was Sophie) and resulted in Sam being gunged (his hearing aids were out just in case!).


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