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Posted on October 4, 2013

This site now stands on the cusp of a million views. So without further ado, here are our ten most-read articles of all time. Read and enjoy!

10. Donna Williams: S*** people say to sign language interpreters

Donna’s article clearly struck a chord, and told us what sign language interpreters have to put up with at the same time. It now has 90 comments, and many of our readers’ contributions (some from interpreters themselves) are hilarious. Check them out!

9. Charlie Swinbourne: Things that could only happen to a deaf person

Many of these things really happened to our Editor, Charlie Swinbourne.

You’ll have to guess which…

8. Deaf News: Deaf community in mourning for actor Vitalis Katakinas

The are stories we don’t want to tell on this site, and this was one of them, for obvious reasons.

The number of views for our news article about the tragic death of Vitalis Katakinas reflected the shock people felt at the news, and the sadness they felt at his tragic loss. RIP.

7. Meet: Bruno Kahne, who teaches hearing people to communicate like deaf people

This fascinating interview with a hearing man who teaches other hearing people to communicate like deaf people opened many people’s eyes to what deaf people are capable of.

6. Charlie Swinbourne: Ten things you should never say to a deaf person

If there’s one thing we’ve learned here on the chicken, it’s that our readers love lists. This was the first of our ‘top tens’ and it went viral.

Check it out. And don’t say any of them.

5. Mark Levin: Let’s eradicate the term ‘hearing impaired’

This is the most recent addition to our top ten. Levin’s article has since sparked an online (and Twitter) debate about the terms we use to describe ourselves. Why not read it and join the debate?

4. Ian Noon: The effect of concentration fatigue on deaf children

This one was a surprise hit. As we soon found out from the responses, a lot of deaf people felt just like writer Ian Noon did – but no-one had written about it yet.

3.“I had to tell my dad he was going to die, because he wasn’t given a sign language interpreter” by Andy Palmer

This shocking story highlighted the knock-on effect of access issues in the NHS, with a son forced to tell his father the very worst of news – before he’d even had the chance to process it himself.

Well done to our Deputy Editor, Andy Palmer, for his hard work on this story.

2. Charlie Swinbourne: The Ten Annoying Habits of Deaf People

We said our readers love top tens didn’t we? And you loved this one, even if, technically, we were telling you what was annoying about, well, er, you.

1. Charlie Swinbourne: The Ten Annoying Habits of Hearing People

This article’s had three times as many views as any other on this site, perhaps because it pokes fun at the majority – hearing folk.

It was all good old fashioned fun though, honest…

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