The Secret Deafie: The teacher who embarrassed me in front of the class

Posted on June 6, 2014

The Secret Deafie is a series of anonymous columns written by different writers.

This dates back to years ago when I was in a main stream primary school. I had one of the loop systems whereby I wore the loop and the teacher had the microphone. I absolutely hated it! I remember saying that I felt like a robot.

I was in year 5 and was being taken out in a small group to do some literacy or maths catch up; before I left, the LSA taking us asked me to get the microphone from the teacher.

I begrudgingly said that I would.  Unfortunately for me that day the teacher was a rather nasty supply teacher, we did not get on.

I walked up to join the queue at the desk, ( I am nothing if not polite!) there were three or four people in front of me. Anyhow, when it was my turn she announced to the class that we all needed to sit down as the person in front of me had asked a rather excellent question (it wasn’t). So, I sat down and then when that was dealt with re-joined the queue.

I do not know how three or four other people got in front of me again, all I can say is that they were super fast or super needy.  So, patiently I wait.

Finally it is my turn, but once again the teacher announces that we all need to sit down as the learner has asked another good question (better but not great).  Back to my chair I go, by now I am panicking a bit as I really wanted to catch up on literacy.

Finally, I made it to the front. However, before I can say anything the teacher makes yet another announcement to the class “********* is being a big baby. This is the third time she had been up to my desk, she obviously cannot do the work by herself!”

Everyone watched as I went bright red (I was shy then and I still am now) I timidly asked for the microphone and ran out of the room. She never even apologised.

I am a LSA myself now, I love my job and I like to think I am a lot more understanding and helpful than the teacher.

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