Our top 10 articles of 2015: How many have you read?

Posted on December 31, 2015

Happy new year to all our readers! Have a great night tonight whatever your plans are – whether you’re snuggling up in front of the telly or going on a mad all-nighter and catching the first bus home in the morning!

Make sure you stay safe and don’t have an accident that leaves you limping like this chicken.

This has been another year where this site has passed the million views mark. Here are our ten most popular new articles of the year. How many have you read?

  1. Revealed: How a Deaf American woman countered a fellow passenger’s assumptions while on an airplane flight
  2. Deaf News: Deafness experts in America say deaf children should be bilingual and learn sign language
  3. Watch: Award-winning short film The Kiss – do deaf people kiss differently?
  4. Charlie Swinbourne: The joy of having my ears syringed
  5. Emily Howlett: 5 differences between hearing people and deaf people who can hear
  6. Sarah Ivermee: Why I started Lugs – so that deaf children can decorate their hearing aids and cochlear implants
  7. Charlie Swinbourne: “Did Adnan do it?” How Deaf people can follow Serial, the murder case podcast the world is talking about
  8. Rebecca Atkinson: Top 5 Christmas toys featuring deafness!
  9. Tara Schupner Congdon: How America’s Next Top Model’s Nyle DiMarco was marginalised on national TV
  10. Jenn Hearn: What I wish the hearing world could understand about deaf people

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