Get a £40 Amazon voucher! Update on COMIC’s NHS Autism Research in Deaf Children Project

Posted on October 20, 2017

This is a sponsored post.

Back in March we posted a blog on Limping Chicken asking for families to help with our Autism in Deaf Children research project and the response we got was incredible!

Thank you to all the families who got in touch and are currently helping us with this much needed research. With all this help from you and other families around the country we have now finished recruiting in the Deaf children with no Autism category (a mammoth 130 families!).

But…. there is still time to help! We still need children aged between 2-18 in the following categories:

– Deaf children with Autism

– Hearing children with autism

For those of you who are reading about this for the first time and think you could help us, just to give you a bit of background of the study: we have adapted three different autism assessments to make them more accessible for deaf children.

We want to see if the adaptations of the autism assessments work well with deaf children. It will not affect your treatment or support in any way, but would be a great help to deaf children in the future obtaining prompt and accurate assessments.

For hearing children we want to see if hearing children and deaf children with autism have the same traits or whether there are different traits.

We have staff members based over the whole of England from London to the Midlands to York so it doesn’t matter where you live in England as we will allocate the right person to you!

This is really important research and we need to ensure that deaf children can access NHS services in the same way as their hearing peers. We would love for you to get involved and every single person really makes a difference to this project!

As another additional inventive incentive – you get a £40 Amazon Voucher per child once you’ve finished to spend on whatever you like! All travel expenses are also covered.

If you are able to help us or would like more information please contact the team at:


Phone: 01904 294831

Text: 07973630595



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