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Charlie Swinbourne: “Did Adnan do it?” How Deaf people can follow Serial, the murder case podcast the world is talking about

November 27, 2014


About a month ago, I started to see articles popping up online and in print about a podcast called Serial, which was being described as a real game-changer in terms of what a podcast could be. It’s also broken all kinds of records on iTunes. Podcasts typically feature discussions on various subjects – a bit like […]

Deaf News: Donaldson’s School produces improvement plan as police investigate claims of sex abuse

November 26, 2014


The BBC has reported that Donaldson’s School for Deaf children has produced an improvement plan after urgent concerns were expressed over how the school is being run, which led to half the governors at the school resigning last week. Extract: An improvement plan has been produced to deal with urgent concerns over how the national […]

Deaf community asked to provide evidence to support BSL (Scotland) Bill

November 25, 2014


The BSL (Scotland) Bill was introduced in the Scottish Parliament by Mark Griffin MSP on 29th October 2014. Now, Scotland’s Education and Culture Committee is asking Deaf people to provide their views on the Bill. The Bill seeks to promote the use of BSL, and responses can be given in BSL (via video) or in written […]

Deaf News: NDCS warns Tower Hamlets Council that closure of only nursery with deaf resource base “will break the law”

November 25, 2014


Last week, we reported on a campaign to save the only day nursery that offers a resource base for the deaf/partially hearing children in the borough. Husna Begum, the chair of the Tower Hamlets Deaf Children’s Society, wrote that there are four nurseries in threat of closure/ privatisation by Tower Hamlets Local Authority, and one of them […]

SignHealth: Watch Channel 4’s documentary TONIGHT showcasing our work with Deaf children in Uganda (BSL)

November 21, 2014


Oscar is deaf. He is only five years old but his community have already nicknamed him ‘Kasiru’. In Uganda, kasiru means stupid. To watch this article in BSL, click here. Deafness is not accepted in Uganda, and the stigma surrounding deaf people causes extreme isolation. SignHealth are acutely aware of the vulnerable lives Deaf children in […]

Felix Garcia, Deaf American prisoner convicted without access to court proceedings, is told earliest date of parole is 2025

November 20, 2014


The Deaf American prisoner Felix Garcia, who has been in prison for over 30 years, has been told his earliest date of parole will not be until 2025, after his case was heard in an Offender Review hearing yesterday. In a surprising twist, his brother appeared at the hearing to say that Felix was guilty […]

Deaf News: Deaf musician starting career again after 30 years reaches Kickstarter funding goal

November 20, 2014


A musician who is starting his career again many years after becoming deaf has reached his funding goal on Kickstarter. Stu Nunnery’s Kickstarter page says: Between 1973 and 1982, I recorded my first album of original compositions, saw two songs make the American pop charts, and another make it all the way to #1 in […]