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Posted on May 31, 2013

Image for 'Silver medal'The popular pursuit of making comedy from subtitle mistakes has spread to the Guardian’s Witness website where a new section has been devoted to the craze.

A couple of weeks ago, Buzzfeed listed their own collection of subtitle fails and that added to the long running Page 888 Twitter account that regularly points out errors.

There is an apparently endless and rich seam of comedy gold from these type of mistakes. Pointing and laughing at the errors is the lighter side of an issue that is clearly a pain in the button for the millions of viewers who may rely on accurate subtitles to enjoy the telly.

Last week, TV regulator Ofcom announced it will force broadcasters to report on subtitle accuracy which could lead to a reduction in errors.  Deaf viewers will hope that it does; but until then, you’ll have to make the best of it by having a chuckle when Olympic rowers suddenly become probation officers.  Check out the Guardian Witness collection.

Hat-tip Amanda Everitt

By Andy Palmer, The Limping Chicken’s Editor-at-Large.

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