The Weekend Selection: The petition ignition edition

Posted on November 23, 2013

Here are the top five new blogposts from the week based on pageviews. Have a browse and tell your friends.

  1. Emily Howlett: Everybody’s talking about giving my baby a cochlear implant… Except me.
  2. “Deaf people must have access to qualified interpreters,” says Emily Smith, joint sponsor of the Access to Work petition
  3. Jen Dodds: I have no idea who the Access to Work petition campaigners are. I’m just grateful they’re doing something
  4. Nick Sturley: How having Usher Syndrome changed my life. Part 3 – Adjusting to a new life
  5. Caroline O’Neill: How we filmed ‘How to Mug a Deaf Person’

And the top three not from the previous seven days

  1. Donna Williams: S*** people say… to sign language interpreters (went like wildfire this week)
  2. Jen Dodds: No, Holby City, children should not be used as interpreters for their deaf parents
  3. Deaf News: Deaf association files letter of complaint expressing “outrage” over BBC’s Holby City episode

Thanks to our readers, contributors and supporters. Check us out next week when, rain or shine, we’ll be back with more top news and views from the deaf world.

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